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NextREADY is home to the community of practice we are building to implement the processes, tools and services CLARO Consulting offers to help you design your own learning and reach your goals!


Get ready for What's next!

CLARO Consulting is the developer of NextREADY

NextREADY provides evidence-based certifications of performance mastery on skillsets required for success in the New Economy as entrepreneurs, interns, apprentices, employees, and entry-level positions.  NextREADY measures these key competencies in “real world” contexts.

About Ferdi serim


 Ferdi Serim helps communities bridge classroom and career by using evidence to evaluate and improve work-based learning opportunities. Focused on development of “New Collar Workforce” skills, this evidence is used to strengthen employer/educator engagement, helping every student be “ready for what’s next”.   


Ferdi has served as Board Member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN); State Ed Tech Director for New Mexico; (and jazz musician). Ferdi walks the talk: his students' Internet achievements are documented in the Scientific American, Los Angeles Times, the Learning Channel and other media.  


  Ferdi is the author of four books: NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet; From Computers to Community: Unlocking the Potentials of the Wired Classroom; Information Technology for Learning: No School Left Behind, and Digital Learning: Strengthening and Assessing 21st Century Skills, from Jossey-Bass. Currently he serves as Digital Learning Innovator for Community Learning Network.


Please click this link to see what Education Leaders say about Ferdi Serim's work


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